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Hva brukerne sier

Det finnes nok tusenvis av beretninger fra mennesker rundt omkring på nettet som har meget gode resultater fra bruk av OMI sine PEMF matter. Jeg har selv mange fra den tiden jeg jobbet med Bemer, men har enda fler fra OMI brukere nå i den senere tid. Oppdatert liste finnes på norsk her. Her er et eksempel fra en Bemer selger:

"Vi har hatt 2 kunder på snart en måned. Men begge påstår å ha merket god effekt. Selv har jeg kun brukt OMI fra jeg mottok den og kan så absolutt påstå at effekten er minst like god som Bemer, om ikke bedre da jeg ikke trenger spott og belte som er til Bemer sitt sett, men oppnår like gode resultater.  (Spot og belte er Bemer sine tilleggsutstyr til matten).

Videre nedover her finnes en del brukerhistorier på engelsk fra forskjellige nettsider, se referanser nederst på siden. Les nederst hva vi har utelatt og hvorfor. Norske oversettelser finner du her.

I love this product! It works great- comes with a helpful guide to use for different conditions. Very relaxing to lay on and is now part of my daily routine.

I have chronic health issues, including circulation issues that result in multiple muscle strains/cramps/etc... I was going on 2 years for a bad case of tennis elbow so started searching wider (was already in PT and regular massage visits). Red light helped, especially if I did it before and after using my arm for chores. But PEMF was what finally abated the pain completely after a couple of weeks of 2-3 30 minute sessions a day. It also took care of a 1-month long strained back after 4 days. We recently moved and for the couple of weeks I was out of the house, I had way more strength and recoverability than I had in years. My muscles for the first time in a decade were a healthy feeling sore and I was getting tired. When the high frequency wi-fi discs finally got installed in the new house, my muscle and nerve pain came back quickly. My husband of course thinks I'm a whack and it's all in my head, although it wasn't something I was expecting to happen so unclear on how he thinks I subconsciously made it happen. PEMF is all about applying low frequencies to unstick your cells, so it would make sense that it helped me because I was being constantly bombarded with high frequencies that clumped cells together.

We used the OMI Pad one time and felt the difference immediately. I would highly recommend the OMI Pad to everyone.

While we are still in the early stages of using the product, we have seen an immediate and marked improvement in our sleep (one of the stated benefits and reason for purchasing the product).

This product is exactly as I expected or better. I feel it is working for me with sleep and would recommend. 

Heard many positive comments about PEMF mat from the wellness club I go weekly. After reading several research papers/books and product reviews, I ordered this one. It might take a few days to acclimatize for some people. I really like it, and have ordered a couple more additional PEMF devices for portability.

Lovely quality feel, see a definite difference following use.

I have been using this for some time for general well-being - I do think it helps to improve my stress ailments.

We bought it for our 14 year old dog that has a variety of joint and vestibular issues and it has made a huge difference to her. She *asks* to go on it and positions herself so that the sore joint is in contact with the mat. Since using it, her mood has improved, her sleep is better at night, her pain is better controlled, her atrophied muscle has strengthened, and she is much more keen to move around.

I suffer from anxiety and after using it the first time it seemed to relax me and help with my breathing.

I would like to thank you. I bought a mat to help with FMS and bad sleep. My sleep improved within a week but the main benefit has been after a car accident.
I've had whip lash before and due to FMS it has lasted for weeks. This time using my PEMF equipment I felt improvement within a week! Thank you again

Helps with sleep, keeps more relax and over all better.

I have a spinal disability, fibromyalgia, recently finished 2years treatment for cancer and I was also finding it hard to sleep at night leaving me exhausted. I bought the PEMF mat a few months ago. Since receiving it and using it daily for up to 30 minutes I find that I'm sleeping much better. I'm in less pain and I feel less exhausted. Other family members are now using it too and telling me they feel less stressed and more relaxed. I wouldn't want to be without the Mat now as I would miss these benefits.

Recently purchased this mat after trying "everything" for back pain. It's early days but I have definitely noticed a positive change which have not experienced from multiple other healing modalities.. To list a few... Corticosteroid injections.....Tens machine....Chiropractor/ Osteopathy.

I appreciate this therapy is not cheap! But hands down, I think its a sound investment. To say the least !
The NewMed team are also extremely helpful and provide a contact number for any technical queries. Thank you Grace for your advice on frequencies. There is so much exciting research online and u tube videos ref PEMF for health. Don't just take my word for it.. take a look for yourself and see how it has impacted some positive changes on many others. Couldn't be without my Omni Mat now- LOVE it :)

I had never tried anything like the OMI before, but decided to give it a go to see if it would help the stiffness and pain in my neck and shoulder. I had been experiencing quite a lot of stiffness in my shoulder and neck and I found it hard to move my arm and my head, that was until I used the OMI pemf therapy. It was very easy to use and I could use it whilst at work or at home. I used it for 30 minutes around my shoulder to start off with and straight away I could feel the pain easing, so I thought I would then try it around my neck for 30 minutes and it was very comfortable and again I could feel my neck relaxing and the stiffness was easing. The OMI is very easy to use and I found it to be very beneficial in speeding up my pain relief. I would recommend this to anyone who is suffering with pain of discomfort.

It's made me feel good & taken away those everyday niggles, aches & pains!
Melinda - Via - on Jun 14, 2018
Great! I will be recommending this product & company to all my family and friends.
Just tested out the omi mat for 30mins for the first time, it's brilliant! It has cleared my head (brain fog!). It's made me feel good & taken away those everyday niggles, aches & pains! Thank you Omi :)

VIDEO brukerhistorier

Referanser i tillegg til Youtube når det gjelder disse brukerhistoriene:



I enkelte brukerhistorier har vi tatt bort tekst som er helt irrelevant for det som angår mattens funksjon og resultater.

Vi har heller ikke tatt med brukererfaringer hvor kunder er misfornøyd, da dette vil kunne føre til at personer som virkelig trenger matten blir skremt og lar være å prøve den.

Som regel har misnøye med noe av det følgende å gjøre:
- Personen gir opp for tidlig eller bruker produktet for sjelden, og får dermed ingen effekt.
- Positive resultater kjennes ofte ikke da dette er små endringer fra dag til dag, eller rett og slett bare stagnasjon av en negitiv utvikling. Personen konkluderer derfor for tidlig med at dette ikke hjelper.
- Personen kjenner ikke kroppen sin så godt, eller har problemer med å kommunisere dette til andre. 
- Personen føler ubehag pga avgiftingen av kroppen som i mange tilfeller vil merkes i en startperiode, kanskje rett og slett fordi personen begynner for brått. Personen liker ikke ubehaget og gir opp.
- Personen vil ikke erkjenne eller ha forbedring. Det finnes faktisk ikke så rent få mennesker der ute som heller vil være medlem av "foreningen sin" (det er tross alt kanskje det eneste sosiale nettverket de har) og motta trygden sin enn å risikere å bli frisk og dermed risikere å miste disse godene.
- Kundeservice der produktet er kjøpt er dårlig, og kunden derfor misfornøyd om man ikke får svar på det man lurer på.
- Det kan selvfølgelig ha vært noe feil med produktet. Som at det for eksempel brukes i en myk seng over tid, og at det dermed oppstår en feil i matten.
- Det kan være problemer med forsendelser eller logistikk eller tilsvarende ting som ikke har med matten å gjøre.
- Lite betalingsvillighet forklares med at produktet ikke virker.


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